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Good Indian Girl, Sort Of: Tara Sharma



I currently reside in: New York, NY

What’s your favorite hangout in New York: Because New York is so multi-faceted, my answer will be as well:

Central Park for calming and lush greenery and stunning landscapes and an escape from the noise. West Village for a night out at a favorite restaurant and a walk amongst the European like streets. The Highline – a unique raised park that used to be a freight train line back in the day. It offers the most interesting views of the city in such a great urban green setting.

I currently work as: Product Manager at an Financial Company by day,Wedding and Portrait Photographer by night.

I do this because: I am a naturally analytical person with a fierce creative passion with a love of working with people. Therefore, I have two jobs because they challenge me in completely different ways and allow me to grow in so many more ways than just one.

What are some Indian traditions you still follow? I was raised and still am vegetarian, I don’t allow shoes past my doorstep, cooking and I put amla oil in my hair every few weeks.

Bollywood or Hollywood, and why? Both. I am a fierce believer in all things fusion – being raised as a second generation Indian (American) in the US – my upbringing is such a complex mix of both cultures down to my core. I actually feel very strongly about this on so many levels – and the result is a mix of both traditions that is uniquely my own little world. I adore Bollywood, I learned to dream watching all my favorite movies and the emotions that any Bollywood movie stirs up in me is of nostalgia and a connection to a culture, music and people that I feel so deeply. On the other hand, Hollywood movies are so glamorous, funny and relatable and are the stuff of my childhood. So short answer – both 🙂

Favorite movie? As you may have guessed – I have more than one: You’ve Got Mail, Love Actually, Before Sunrise, Dil Se, KKHH

What’s your favorite thing about culture? Passion, Color, Depth, Complexity, Spirituality woven into everything. The ability to feel so much love for the human race and a people as a whole. Unity.

What’s one piece of advice your parents have given you that should probably be or are abiding by? Be honest and work hard.

So are you a Good Indian Girl? Definitely. I am so deeply proud and respectful of my culture and heritage. I love to cook Indian dishes (upma and palak paneer are my favorites), I can wrap a sari, I love the various forms of Indian dance, and I studied Sanskrit in college. Really these are all my ways of understanding where my parents came from, and a way for me to incorporate some of that culture into my present day life with my non-Indian husband. Together I’d like to be able to teach some of these things to my future children so they have a sense of where my family came from.

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