How to Celebrate Diwali

It's time to kick darkness to the curb this year and let some light in. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, celebrates light reigning over darkness, and falls in the month of October or November, depending on the lunar calendar.  Light up your day by watching this magical video on How to Celebrate Diwali.

Bare-Bones Must Have

Christmas Lights
Loving Attitude towards Friends and Family (at least for this week)
Cleaning Supplies

How To:

Step 1 Go shopping. Buy new clothes and Diwali supplies (if your budget allows).
Step 2 Clean the house and open your windows for some fresh, Diwali air.
Step 3 Get artsy and create some cool rangoli designs using colored powder or chalk and place it in your entryway. Lotus is the most popular design for Diwali, but feel free to go crazy.
Step 4 Set up your Christmas lights and burn diyas around the house. 
Step 5 Put on a fresh pair of clothes and invite over family and friends. Offer them some Indian sweets, play games, and enjoy a nice vegetarian meal.
Step 6 Pay your respects with a Lakshmi puja in celebration of the goddess of wealth and prosperity, honored especially on Diwali.
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