Backyard Pyar: A Unique Dating Experience for South Asian Singles


Backyard Pyar, an event tailored for South Asian singles to experience a unique weekend getaway experience amidst serene landscapes. Moving away from the conventional networking scene or typical marriage conference, Backyard Pyar offers a more organic and modern opportunity for South Asian individuals looking to slow down and form genuine connections in a more relaxed and authentic environment.

“There seems to be such fatigue around swiping and even meeting up at loud bars, especially for ‘later in life’ folks. And then conferences typically held at a hotel or bar tend to be loud, noisy, and overwhelming. Backyard Pyar is the antidote where we can slow down together and connect genuinely,” shares Sima Thakkar, founder of Backyard Pyar. “And even if our attendees don’t find a romantic connection, we hope our events provide a way for people to slow down and unplug together, which we hope is nourishing.”

The first event, set for September, will be held in the breathtaking backdrop of the Catskills, followed by the enchanting redwood forests of Northern California in October. Backyard Pyar invites participants to unwind and engage in a series of carefully curated activities designed to foster meaningful interactions. From acoustic music to entertaining and fun workshops, attendees can anticipate an enriching experience that transcends the confines of traditional dating avenues.

“Loneliness is pervading our country and has even been declared a public health epidemic. Being from South Asian communities, community and cultural gatherings are a big part of our identity. Backyard Pyar is sort of a blend of our American selves and our South Asian selves. “We’re looking forward to bringing people together slowly and meaningfully but in a backdrop that is a bit more thoughtful.”

The event will offer luxurious airstreams, giving participants a relaxed but comfortable weekend of bonding over campfires under the starlit sky while still having a comfortable airstream to sleep in. With a focus on fostering deeper connections, the event promises to be a transformative experience for South Asian singles looking to embark on a journey of meaningful connections and companionship.

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