Good Indian Girl, Sort Of: Michelle Ranavat

Photo Credit: Grey and Elle

What’s your name? Michelle Ranavat

Where do you live? Los Angeles, California

What your favorite hangout in Los Angeles? I love West Hollywood—such a vibrant part of the city with tons of coffee shops and green beauty stores!

What type of work do you do? I work as a Skincare Entrepreneur. I wanted to become a skincare entrepreneur because I truly enjoy unearthing ancient methods and seeing how we can infuse them into our rituals today. I love formulating new skincare products and seeing how far we can go with botanical ingredients.

What are some Indian traditions you still follow? SO many! I love eating traditional Indian food and of course using it in my skincare. I use the Kansa wand for a facial massage which is an incredible brightening and balancing tool and also using a saffron serum for brightening.

Bollywood or Hollywood, and why?
Bollywood! I’m not into violence or scary movies so Bollywood is perfect. I’m a huge fan of Bollywood dance (former Bollywood dancer!) so clearly that’s a huge part of why I love Bollywood.

Favorite movie?
3 Idiots.

What’s your favorite thing about Indian culture?  Everything has a reason. I always wondered why we did certain things (pooja, Indian food, beauty secrets) and as I got older, I realized they all were based in science and had real reasoning behind them. I love that we have so many years of data.

What is one piece of advice your parents have given that you should be or abiding by? Praying every day! I need to do a better job of creating a solid morning routine that includes saying a few quick prayers before I leave the home. I think it sets such a great tone for the day.

Good Indian Girl? I’d say – definitely. I am so in love with every aspect of India—to the point where preserving beauty traditions is my job. I truly hope my kids feel the same love for India as I do.

Learn more about Michele’s work and give her a follow on Instagram @ranavat.

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