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Good Indian Girl, Sort Of: Shalini Ramanathan

I currently reside in: Austin, TX

What your favorite hangout in Austin? Practice Yoga. I go every day that I’m in town. Asana and dhyana have been so good for my overactive brain.

I currently work as a: Vice President of Sales for a renewable power company. I structure agreements to sell green power from large wind, solar, and energy storage projects to power utilities and large end users of power, such as big companies with data centers.

I do this because: Climate change is a global problem and being part of the solution is rewarding.

What are some Indian traditions you still follow? When not traveling the world, my mother lives with me or my sister–we’re just two miles from each other. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. My husband is actually writing down my mother’s recipes, which takes effort because she’s an intuitive cook who doesn’t work from recipes.

Bollywood or Hollywood, and why? Ha–neither, though I love Bollywood music/videos. I generally prefer obscure movies/documentaries.

Favorite movie? Rashomon. I think about it all the time. How you see things depends on who you are.

What’s your favorite thing about Indian culture? I love the cultural diversity. My father’s best friend told me that, when he was growing up in a village in India, the first contribution to a Hindu festival had to come from a Christian, the first contribution to a Muslim festival from a Hindu, etc. Let’s bring back tolerance, and dial down the hate.

What’s one piece of advice your parents have given you that should probably be or are abiding by? You can afford to be kind (and generous, forgiving, etc.)

Good Indian Girl? Definitely – I strive to be the best human being I can be.

You can follow Shalini’s solar-powered life on Instagram and Twitter @ungranola.


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