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How to Pair Wine with South Indian Food

gig2Watch the resident experts of DOSA San Francisco share their wisdom on how to really bring out the best flavors of South Indian food by pairing it with wine. We promise, Masala Dosa will never be the same!

Bare-Bones Must Have

  • Masala Dosa & Sauvignon Blanc
  • Curry Dish, Coconut Rice & Chenin Blanc
  • Glazed Lamb & Malbec

How To Pair Wine With Indian Food:

  1. Go to a restaurant that serves South Indian food, find a friend who cooks South Indian food, or make your own.
  2. Order a Masala Dosa with Mung Daal & Tomato Chutney. Order a glass of Sauvignon Blanc to go with it.
    Tip: Masala Dosa is one of the most popular South Indian dishes. Most Masala Dosa are served with mung daal and tomato chutney. This dish is hearty, tasty, and it’s generally pretty cheap. Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent match for the Masala Dosa because it has a green, grassy lemony flavor which goes well with the earthy flavors of the daal.
  3. Order a curry dish (something tangy, tropical with a strong coconut flavor with a bit of tang and spice)and a side of lemon rice. Order a glass of South African Chenin Blanc.
    Tip: Make sure the wines you choose are not oaked wines because they hit bitterness when paired with spice – choose a wine that is naturally fermented then bottle so the flavor of the fruit can be expressed.
  4. Order Glazed Lamb and a glass of Malbec.
    Tip: When pairing wines Indian food used to be more about the sauce and less about the protein since that’s where most of the flavors hide. For this dish with the tangy, tamarindy, glazed pieces of lamb, Malbec is a great choice for bringing out the flavors all the elements.
  5. Enjoy your dinner and don’t drive home!

What wines do you typically pair with Indian food? Share with us in the comments section!

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