Join our Virtual Campfire and Submit Your Story

In an effort to keep our spirits high for the next few weeks, we’re asking our audience to take a trip down memory lane with us. Whether it was your first trip to India, meeting your first Desi best friend or your parents’ immigration story, we want to hear your stories (and see pictures!)

Each week, we’ll give you a topic and a series of question prompts. Write an essay, share your story and we’ll share it with the Good Indian Girl community.

This week’s topic is ‘The First Time I Visited India’. How old were you? What city did you arrive in? Was your India side of the family there waiting there for you? What was the most surprising thing to you about India? What was your favorite part? Did you visit Taj Mahal or any other famous sites?

Here are the rules:

– Essays should be anywhere between 500 – 2,000 words
– We’ll share a new topic every week series of question prompts (this week it’s about visiting India)
– You do not need to be a professional writer, Indian, or identify as a girl to participate
– Should be appropriate for our audience and articles will be posted based on our discretion

Email your essays to

We love funny and heartwarming stories, and we look forward to hearing yours. Grab a cup of chai and join our virtual campfire.

For those of us who are on the front line, we are deeply grateful and sending love and prayers. 

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