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Review: Is ‘Fleabag’ the Dark Amélie?

In a dark, offbeat comedy about a 33-year-old girl referred to as Fleabag who is in a never-ending cycle of despair due to bad decisions, unsound logic, and a wonderfully irreverent attitude, the show opens with a one-night stand while the main character is casually talking to the camera (us), sharing her candid thoughts about the guy she is with and her (correct) prediction of how the scenario is going to play out post-copulation. 

Her sharp and uncanny observations of people (and her boredom of how predictable they are) throughout the show are on-point, yet this savviness never seems to work in her favor. She somehow she continues to find herself in bad situations that end up costing her relationships, friendships, and even in some cases ending in death, causing her to feel even more misunderstood and isolated. 

While you initially ache for her despairing loneliness, her charm and wit, and even soft-heartedness, slowly reveal itself throughout the show, particularly when she encounters a priest who unexpectedly aligns with her under-the-breath commentary and unabashedly honest ways. 

While you might start out thinking “What’s wrong with her?” you’ll most certainly end the show thinking “What’s wrong with everyone else?” 

Available on Amazon Prime.

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