Summer Hair Don’t Care – 5 Summer Hairstyles We Love

Summer is here and El Niño has us sweatier than ever. This summer we hit the streets (and Instagram) looking for some fun summer hairstyles. Meet five women who decided to chop it like it’s hot for Summer 2019.

Summer Style: Dyed hair purple
I changed the color of my hair to something bright and fun because there aren’t any really drastic consequences to dying my hair purple. It’s a little more controlled than cutting it, and if I hated it I could always color it back. But fortunately, I’m happy with the way it turned out.”

Summer Style: Long to short(er)
With summer sports and upcoming travels, I wanted something where I could wash and go, so this length is perfect. Long enough for a ponytail, but short enough where I can just put in a dash of product and let it air dry. Also, short hair, for whatever reason, feels empowering.”

Summer Style: ‘Mom-bun’ to Summer Bob
“As a mama to a toddler, I decided to finally ditch my lackluster “mom-bun” and went for a slightly graduated summer bob. I feel much more polished and love that it takes a snappy 10 minutes to blow-dry!”

Summer Style: Darker to Lighter Lob
After making a lifestyle choice of moving from coast-to-coast, I decided I needed a new look! My go-to is a lob. It’s chic and easy to take care of. To really shake thing up, I opted to get balayage done as well–giving me that natural highlight look.”

Summer Style: Hats!
My favorite summer ‘do’ is a hat! Either hair down or my all-time favorite, a ponytail. When I’m outside, there are no mirrors and worrying about my hair is the last thing I think about. I love all the designs and can’t wait to use my newest hat this summer. I also am not equipped to do those fancy braids. I might have a different favorite summer do if I did!”

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