Why Sex Lives of College Girls Makes Us Miss College


The refreshing feeling of being a freshman at college with all of its joy, trials and tribulations, new friendships, and sexual exploration is perfectly captured in Mindy Kaling’s hit show Sex Lives of College Girls. 

Filmed at Vassar College (referred to by the fictitious name Essex) with Vermont’s dreamy autumn backdrop, Sex Lives of College Girls” is a comedy-drama that revolves around the lives of four college roommates, each with bright and bold personalities as they navigate through the challenges and adventures of their first year together as roommates.

The main cast includes Pauline Chalamet (Timothy’s sister!) as Kimberly, a naive and idealistic freshman from a sheltered background; Amrit Kaur as Bela, a rebellious and confident young woman who identifies as sex-positive and aspiring comedy writer; Renée Rapp as Leighton, a sassy rich girl who comes out of the closet during the first season; and Alyah Chanelle Scott as Whitney, a self-assured athlete. 

The series primarily focuses on the characters’ sexual experiences and relationships, exploring hookup culture, consent, sexual identity, and gender roles. It also delves into friendship, ambition, and self-discovery themes as the four young women navigate their academic and personal lives. There are some powerful moments in the show: Whitney starts dating an older soccer coach, Kimberly’s boyfriend dumps her right after sleeping with her, Bela is faced with sexual harassment, and Leighton toys with being openly gay.

Both seasons have perfectly-timed humor, excellent storytelling, and a heartfelt soundtrack that perfectly captures the freshman year experience, but with a lot more intelligence, emotional complexity, and far more awareness around social issues than when we were in college! 

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  1. Anil Reply

    Great show. As a 40 something male, I can’t relate to much of it, but I like the story arcs and character development.

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