Good Indian Girl Goes: Desert Hot Springs

This summer, pack away all your devices and head down to one of these wi-fi unfriendly vacation spots for some true relaxation. The heat can be just as oppressive as India in Desert Hot Springs, but this vacation spot is not one to miss.

Revive your soul in Desert Hot Springs
This sleepy little town is part of Coachella Valley where you might find a trail of bindis left behind post-music festival. Once you arrive at Desert Hot Springs, check in at the Sagewater Spa. This 7-room boutique hotel perched in the desert adjacent to a snow-capped mountain is pure bliss. The minimalist decor with the healing spring waters blissfully forgoes the loud poolside DJs and endless margaritas. If you need true decompression and healing, this is it. And while the venue is amazing, the owners of the spa are a highlight of the experience. They greet you with freshly baked bread drawing upon a family recipe that is generations old. Rooms include a small kitchenette should you want to make some morning upma, chai, or prepare a salad on your own. Each room is stocked with coffee, lemon water, and just the right amount of eco-friendly essentials for an enjoyable stay.

Dinner in the desert at La Copine
Once you’ve settled into your hotel room, plan to have an early dinner at La Copine. After twisting and turning for 45 minutes through the country roads, you start to wonder if whoever told you to go to this restaurant has a terrible sense of direction. But then you suddenly turn a corner and in the distance, you see this funky little restaurant with motorcycles and rockin’ old cars parked outside. The buzz feels exciting after a long drive through the country roads as people are sippin’ on an ice cold brew while watching the sunset in the open sky. The menu is California fresh offering veg-friendly items like a savory mushroom toast covered in fromage blanc and a refreshing citrus and beet salad. The best part of this place is actually waiting in line as you can grab a cold drink and chat with other patrons while taking in the countryside views.

Hike Joshua Tree
Once you’re feeling jazzed and refreshed, pack up your hiking gear and head on over to Joshua Tree National Park for a hike the next morning. Aptly referred to as ‘God’s Country’ on U2’s Joshua Tree 1987 album, the expansive space and dreamlike rock formations will have you moved to tears. It’s the perfect and much-needed contrast to computers and an endless stream of click-bait news. The profound silence trickles its way into your heart and truly reminds you how beautiful our Earth is.

Stay tuned for the next part in our summer travel series!

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