How To Celebrate Holi

Aside from throwing colored powder and dragging your friends through the mud, do you know how to celebrate Holi? Add a little color to your day and watch this festive video on how to celebrate this springtime Indian national holiday. Happy Holi, y’all!

Bare-Bones Must Have:

  • Colored Powder
  • Colored Water
  • Water Balloons
  • Mischievous Friends

How To:

  1. On Day One (called Rang Pashi), the eldest member of the family takes colored powder and colored water and sprinkles it on each of the family members as way of giving blessing.
  2. On Day Two (called Puno), the community gathers in the street for a community bonfire where everyone is catcalling, hooting, and hollering.
  3. On Day Three (called Parva), the streets are taken over by family, friends and neighbors who throw colored powder all over each other (as seen in the video) and drag each other through pools of mud.

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