How to Play/Follow Cricket

cricketAside from watching Lagaan and hearing about the World Cup every few years, how much do you actually know about cricket? Our cricket expert knocks it out of the park by providing you with an easy to understand explanation of how to follow cricket.

How To:

  1. Cricket is similar to baseball when it comes to winning. There are two teams and the team that hits the most runs wins. There are 11 players per team and unlike baseball instead of running from base to base, you run up and down the wicket.
  2. A wicket has two meanings. A wicket refers to when a batsman is out. It also refers to the actual playing surface.
  3. There are three main ways a batter can get an out. The first is if the baller balls the ball and hits the three sticks know as the stumps”. The second way is if the batter runs and doesn’t make it to the other end in time. The third way is if the batter hits the ball in the air and the fielder catches the ball in the air.
  4. The equivalent of a homerun in cricket is six runs. A batsman can score by running up and down the wicket they accumulate runs. If the ball goes along the ground to the fence, then the batter and his team get four runs.
  5. Some famous players include Sachin Tendulkar who plays for India. Some other well-known cricket teams include: Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, England, Pakistan,India, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.

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