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How To Learn Bollywood Dance

girlYou know when the DJ drops that Punjabi MC/JayZ song at the party and everyone looks at you for guidance as to how you’re supposed to dance? Fret no more. Get off your chairs and learn six easy Bollywood/Bhangra steps so you can do more than just turn lightbulbs.

Bare-Bones Must Have:

  • Bhangra or Bollywood Music
  • Fun Attitude
  • Genuine Smile

How To Learn Bollywood Dance:

  1. Play the Bollywood or Bhangra music.
  2. Take a deep breathe and remember you’ve been practicing at home in front of the mirror for weeks now.
  3. Get out on the dance floor and own it! And if you look goofy or forgot all the steps, own that too (or take a tequila shot – that generally helps).
  4. Have fun and enjoy the music!

Instruction given by Cindy Mathew, Professional Dance Instructor. To contact Cindy for private instructions, please click here.

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