Mean Girls 2024: A Bold Encore or Missed Beat?

Mean Girls Movie 2023
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Is the new Mean Girls fetch or not fetch?

The classic charm of the original Mean Girls has secured a permanent place in our favorite teen movie section, nestled beside 10 Things I Hate About You in our DVD collection. 

And while the original cast lacked diversity, Mean Girls was packed with relatable stereotypes that struck a chord with audiences of diverse backgrounds. Can you name a cringeworthy but lovable Kevin G in your life in less than two seconds? Probably. From art freaks to cool Asians, the original Mean Girls approached perfection when using humor to make fun of common stereotypes and familiar malicious and uncomfortable high school behavior. 

Revisiting the same storyline is bold, especially when the initial outing was a resounding success. So how does the updated Mean Girls fare? 

A noteworthy highlight is the inclusion of an Indian actress and California native, Avantika Vandanapu, who plays Karen as one of the Plastics. She portrays a spacey character with a refreshing twist—departing from the stereotypical good (Indian) girl, she delivers a fierce dance number. She isn’t the high school nerd nobody wants to date. The new Kevin G is played by Bangladeshi American Mahi Alam, who delivers an even longer and more inappropriate rap number during the holiday performance. While there was undoubtedly no tokenism, the cast almost felt unrealistic because it was so diverse in every possible way. 

You can’t sit with us. –Gretchen Wieners

This iteration delves into contemporary themes such as cell phones, cancel culture, and body positivity, providing a fresh perspective on familiar ground. While it’s harder to impress a Bollywood watching crowd with musicals, it is a creative way to present the story in a new form while honoring some of the old and familiar humor. 

In summary, Mean Girls 2024 takes a bold step into the limelight, offering a mix of nostalgia and modern commentary. While it may not surpass its predecessor, it successfully adds new layers to the beloved narrative in addition to fresh faces like Avantika Vandanapu and Mahi Alam. 

Have you seen it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! 

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